A Reflection

Producing this podcast took a considerably longer time than I expected. I roughly estimate that I spent twenty hours on it, from going through the video game again to refining the audio. My two group members (and meeting with my professor and interviewing a friend) have been a source of ideas and of great help to me. Cherie and Kimberly voluntarily agreed on recording together, which took about five hours. Even my line producer readily agreed to refine the audio with me. I am truly grateful for my group members. 

Although I have participated in making a podcast in high school, I, regretfully, did not participate much. As a result, I failed to recognize the importance of a script. Even a seemingly informal chat on a podcast could result from recited and practiced lines. A full script in advance might not be necessary, but talking with nothing in hand is quite stressful. I am prone to stress, and stumbled over words frequently while we recorded without reading. I have a long way to go to achieve fluency in the English language, as I learned this from my imperfect TOEFL scores. Hearing my recording certainly reminded me of the fact once more. The first half of recording without a script became the major reason I spent hours editing the audio. 

Using Audacity gained me a new skill, and I always enjoy acquiring new skills. Another thing I thought of while editing the audio was how I can appeal to the audience. The writing in podcasts differs from traditional school essays. It is less formal. More importantly, the audience is not paid to read pages crowded with words, but someone who seeks for entertainment. I realized a tinge of humor might help. Whether I achieved this purpose I know not, but the experience of attempting to amuse the audience is new for me. 

I value the experience of producing this podcast, and hope someone will enjoy it. After all, I chose this over enolates last week. Finally, a link to the podcast: https://eng101s20.davidmorgen.org/ready-set-game/03-do-i-scare-you-doki-doki-literature-club/ 

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