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This is an archive of the work by “Wynston S” dedicated to the course:

ENG101, section 7. Spring 2020. Emory University.

The Final Reflection

I still find the existence of this English course magical. When I read the course description on Course Atlas, I could not believe there existed an English course at Emory that allows students to play video games and board games. Were we to spend the whole semester on games, instead of on sentence structures or classic books or root words? We did, and I think that turned out well. . .

Side Quests

January 20

My Avatar

I created this image for my avatar for its lack of representation…

January 27


I made my backpack unique if anyone ever noticed, but it carries only ordinary items. . . 

By jackanol. Mansions of Madness from Flickr.

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

The moment I opened the box of Mansions of Madness and saw the bat-winged, octopus-headed humanoid. . .

by The Fullbright Company, 2013


Bluetooth mouse plugged in. Headphones connected. Check. Check. Launch game. . .

Fiasco Playmat. Created by Jason Morningstar.

Random Thoughts

The experience of playing Fiasco brings the memories of Beginning Theater classes back to me. . .

February 16

Head Correction

First of all, allow me to thank Cherie silently for 20 seconds. . .

February 9. Created via Pixlr.

Guten Appetit

Honestly speaking, I did not expect this to be the final image. . .

From: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2879444


I have to say printing something with a 3D printer was an exciting experience. . .

Side Quests

#1: Throw a piece of paper into a bin.

I tried to throw paper balls into the bin spectacularly, but it kept steering off. . .

Wednesday was a magical day, on which all the classes decided to set assignment and test deadlines. . .

Yes, I was in the blanket, but I swear I just did all the chores today…

#4: Turn your kitchen into a sporting arena and create the most epic sporting moment!

I had the choice to either beat the tomatoes or the bok choys in my fridge. . .

Here’s to Silent Hill 2. Don’t kill your wife, or you will be haunted. . .

The most iconic movie (actually a TV series) from my perspective is. . .

Podcasts Episodes in: Ready, Set, Game

Produced in group with Cherie and Kimberly.


“I Cannot Decide…”

Cover image from: Assassin’s Creed Wiki – Fandom

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